Thin Wire

Our Thin Wire option can be used if the cable can be visible (If you do not mind seeing the cable it is a better option than a 120V cable) or easily hidden into corners. Only 0.050 inch diameter.

With these colour options it can blend into your decoration: White, Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red.

This is the same as a hard wired, mains, picture light but the transformer is positioned and powered from your nearest plug socket.

We will supply the cable fitted to your picture light with as much as you specify at no extra cost than our standard hard wired lights. All you need to do is tell us the colour and the length. This is a similar option as our Invisible Wire, but free of charge.

hogarth lighting thin wire for picture lights
The drawing above shows the installation
hogarth lighting thin wire for picture lights
The photo above shows the White and Brown color cables


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Museum Certified All variations of our light are certified as meeting the stringent CIBSE (museum lighting guide) with zero heat and UV output onto the canvas. UK Patent No 0001477.9. US Patent No 09/764818