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Hogarth Picture lights

"Dear friend, I could not believe the dire quality and poor design of lights over the last 30 years, instead of technology improving design - Picture lights have been cheapened and viewed by lighting companies as (not much better than) a wall light with no regard for quality lighting of paintings. I relentlessly searched for my own collection and gallery with no avail. As for today I still find that the basic requirement from a frame fitted picture light to light the painting with uniform illumination is still as illusive as 30 years ago"

"to overcome this I decided to design my own picture light"...Robert Hogarth

We use state of the art design techniques.

Our manufacturing and quality control is based on the ISO 9001 system.

Manufactured to the highest standards, the patented Hogarth Picture lights are used across the globe, and are acknowledged as the most effective method of close illumination of paintings, whether they be old masters or modern classics.

Our picture lights are period in design with an accent on modern with up to date LED bulb technology emitting zero heat and UV. Hogarth Picture Lights are available in many finishes and suits all periods of art and frames.

Our picture lights illuminate some of the finest art works created - Van Gogh - Paul Cezanne - Pieter Brueghel the Younger - William Hogarth - John Singer Sargent - to name a few. We have recently supplied lights to illuminate the highest value art works purchased at auction.

Hogarth Pictures Lights, were created from a passion for art. Indulge your passion.


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Museum Certified All variations of our light are certified as meeting the stringent CIBSE (museum lighting guide) with zero heat and UV output onto the canvas. UK Patent No 0001477.9. US Patent No 09/764818