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Hogarth at Petworth House NT
Turner illumination

Photograph - copyright of the National Trust

We are illuminating the Turner exhibition at Petworth House and supplying up to 300 lights for the greatest picture collection in the National Trust - includes works by Titian, Bosch, Claude, Ruisdael, Teniers, Van Dyck, Lely, Kneller, Reynolds, Gainsborough, Blake - and a magnificent collection of 42 landscapes by Turner. If you wish to see our lights please visit the Turner Exibition

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News - December 2014 - Hogarth have been selected to design and supply lights for Wilton House for its world famous art collection by renowned artists such as van Dyck, Pieter Brueghel, Titian, Rembrandt van Rijn and Richard Wilson

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Picture Lights by Hogarth emit Zero Heat and UV and will fix to frame or wall.
Hogarth Picture Lights - produce three types of
  • 'Classic' Picture Lights.
  • 'Contemporary' Picture Lights.
  • 'Pencil' Picture Lights.
  • Our Lights emit Zero Heat an UV and will fix to Frame or Wall. For more information choose from the left hand menu.
    • Enhance your art with our Colour Temperature Control System See it here
      • Enhance your art with our Colour Tonal Control System See it here
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    Contemporary Picture Light

    Congratulations to the National Trust on their Rembrandt Hogarth illuminated the last National Trust treasure - The Procession to Calvary' by Pieter Brueghel the Younger

    We design and have supplied picture lights to illuminate some of the finest art works

    Many installations are in prestigious locations throughout the World

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    Hogarth's Classic Light
    Original Picture Light

    Our classic light 2700K 97CRI

    Hogarth have designed 25 classic lights for Naval and Militray Club, London - some art woks 160 x 120 inches

    Hogarth's Pencil Picture Light
    Original Picture Light

    At last a Pencil Picture Light that works - Hogarth's LED technology - Any Size - Any finish - if you have this type of light and need a better alternative - contact us

    We are supplying China Tang Restaurant, Dorchester Hotel to replace similar lights that were very unreliable

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    NEW Colour Temperature Control System

    Allows you to enhance your art by varying the colour output from our picture lights

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    Hogarth chosen for the Savoy
    Original Picture Light

    After a 220 Million refurbishment Hogarth have been chosen to design and supply Picture Lights for this World renowned Hotel

    An official unveling of an art work of the 1000 strong flotilla of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pagent

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    Hogarths new Classic Picture Light
    Original Picture Light

    Similar in shape to the Original picture light but available in any size from 2 inches (5cm) to 12 feet (3.6M)

    L.E.D. bulbs.

    Attaches to frame or wall

    Our picture frame lights for paintings will illuminate your fine art with uniformity across the canvas.

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    Original Picture Light

    Output includes all temperature ranges at 90 CRI to 97 CRI

    The ultimate control to illuminate your art works to perfection.

    Using our small remote allowing you to see your art works with the vibrancy as captured by the artist

    Click - See More - below to view this new system.

    Currently only available with our Classic Light

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    Original Picture Lights
    Original Picture Light

    Our patented picture light is fully and easily adjusted by you so that it illuminates with uniformity across the canvas and onto the picture itself - any size or shape of painting - from 15 to 40 inches portrait or landscape.

    If you change your painting - no need to buy a new light - just adjust the light to suit the new painting.

    Hogarths L.E.D. bulbs.

    Our picture frame lights for paintings will illuminate your fine art with uniformity across the canvas.

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    Contemporary Picture Lights

    Contemporary Picture LightOur New Picture Lights!
    A new era in lighting Fine Art incorporating Hogarths L.E.D. technology.

    Available in any length! From a few inches to 16 feet and longer.
    L.E.D. Technology! - 7 Volts! - Just 3/4 inch thick x 1 3/4 inch deep and made to ANY length.
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    Hogarths Invisible Wire

    Hogarth have developed a new - hidden wire system (TM) - for clients who can not put cables into walls and do not wish to have spot lights on the ceiling or a battery option. Available for 120v or 240v - all the parts ready to install.

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    Hogarths Rechargable Battery

    Our Battery option comes with 2 battery packs ( 1 for lighting whilst the other is charging ) and a charging unit. This option is for use with L.E.D.'s only.

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    Hogarth Picture Lights - L.E.D. Bulbs.

    Our L.E.D.'s produce zero U.V. and zero heat with long bulb life.

    If your Fine Art is valuable and you are concerned regarding U.V. and heat on your canvas - The Hogarth Picture Lights 'L.E.D. Bulbs' are the only option.

    Original Picture Light

    Matin Brudnizki Design Studio has specified Hogarth Lights for Dean Street Townhouse

    The new all day Dining Room for Soho House

    Hogarth have designed 20 lights with a Patinated Gun Metal finish especially for this installation

    Hogarth Illuminates Brueghel at National Trust
    Original Picture Light

    The Procession to Calvary' by Pieter Brueghel the Younger Completed in 1602, it is regarded as one of Pieter Brueghel the Younger's finest work

    The National Trust and the Art Fund launched a 2.7m appeal to save this painting for the nation

    We have desgned and supplied a picture light for this painting which is on view at at the National Trust, Nostell Priory

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    Hogarth Picture Lights at Magdalen College
    Contemporary Picture Light

    Magdalen College, Oxford


    We supplied our Patinated Original LED Lights to Magdalen College

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    Hogarth Picture Lights at Claridges
    Contemporary Picture Light

    The Location is Claridges Hotel
    The occasion is the Christian Dior exhibition at Claridges
    December 2009
    Unveiling the John Galliano-designed Christmas tree and 20 framed photos celebrating the fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit who has captured 10 years behind the scenes at Christian Dior

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    Hogarth illuminating a Stubbs
    Original Picture Light


    Hogarth have supplied lights to Weston Park



    The art work is a painting by Stubbs with our Contemporary Picture Light


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    Thomas Cole - National Historic Site - Catskill, New York
    Original Picture Light

    We received these comments from Elizabeth B. Jacks. Director

    " Dear Mr. Hogarth, I am writing to thank you for kindly replacing the light that we had attached to a very fine Thomas Cole painting entitled "Prometheus Bound" that now hangs here in Thomas Cole's home. The new light works wonderfully and illuminates the entire surface of the large oil painting quite evenly and very well. Our staff and visitors to this historic site are most grateful! Our mutual friend, and one of your clients, Henry Martin joins me in sending you many thanks. I would be delighted to send you a photograph of the painting with the light installed if you would kindly email me back with your mailing address, or an email where I can attach an image. The lit painting looks just marvelous!"

    Original Picture Light

    Thomas Cole was born in 1801 at Bolton, Lancashire in Northwestern England and emigrated with his family to the United States in 1818. Thomas Coles paintings will be found in the major Art Museums in the US and world. One of Amreicas eminent artist's Prometheus Bound: Painted 1846/47 ::: Priase for our light indeed.

    Original Picture Light

    Risen Christ Church, Denver, Colorado install 12 contemporary Picture Lights

    The lights were designed for bronze relief Stations of the Cross in the church interior.

    Individually sized and finished in White

    Our Contemporary Lights are very versatile and we have been commissioned to design for Bookcases - Lecterns - Restaurants - Hotel Interiors etc.

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    Hogarth Sign and Bookcase Lights

    Sign LightHogarth Sign and Bookcase Lights
    We can design a light for any situation.

    Hogarth produce custom Sign and Bookcase Lights to any size with front or concealed fixings - Contact Us and we will help you with your requirements.
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    Hogarth Lectern Lights

    Lectern LightHogarth Lectern Lights
    A new era in lighting Fine Art incorporating Hogarths L.E.D. technology.

    Hogarth also produce custom Lectern and Bookcase Lights Contact Us and we will help you with your requirements.
    Contact Us

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    If your Fine Art is Portrait, Landscape, Large or Small our light will illuminate it perfectly.

    The Worshipful Company of Ironmongers' Hall, London.

    We have recently been commissioned to supply and install 10 Contemporary Picture Lights.

    Our new Contemporary Picture Lights, with L.E.D. Bulbs, were finished to the same color as the panelling to try and hide the light note there is no overspill of light onto the top of the frame, unlike conventional bulbs that burn filaments our L.E.D.'s emit electrons to evenly cover the canvas with illumination.

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    The Plaza Theater, El Paso, Texas.

    Nominated as an Historical Landmark, 'The Plaza theater', undergoing restoration, installed Hogarth Picture Lights with our L.E.D. Bulbs and 'Invisible Wire' Technology.

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    The Ritz Hotel, London.

    The Ritz Hotel installed Hogarth 'Original' Picture Lights.Our unlacquered 'Original' Picture Lights were chosen to complement the high specification interior of this prestigious London Hotel.

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    The Blue Moon - Super Yacht

    We have supplied Donald Starkey Designs with 24 Carat Gold Lights for the prestigious Blue Moon $50,000,000 Super Yacht.

    BIGZIP - Trinity Yachts - Hogarth supplied 30 Picture Lights for this super yacht.

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    Melford Hall Sudbury Suffolk - National Trust - using our L.E.D. picture lights

    Used by some of the major Galleries and Collectors the Hogarth Picture Light IS the Fine Art Light. Buying a picture light does not need to be complicated.
    Museum Certified All variations of our light are certified as meeting the stringent CIBSE (museum lighting guide) with zero heat and UV output onto the canvas. UK Patent No 0001477.9. US Patent No 09/764818